Aug. 5th, 2010

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easy raw food/salad recipes I've been making lately which I don't want to forget

Strawberry Salad
5 oz field greens, washed
1 lb strawberries, washed, hulled, and run through the egg slicer
2 small red onions, thinly sliced
~1/4 cup shredded parmesan + asiago cheese
3-4 Tbsp. poppy seed dressing

Mix well in a large bowl and serve with cold sammiches for an easy summer supper :)

Asian Crunch salad
1/2 lb bean sprouts (the thick white ones used for stir fry, mung bean sprouts I think?)
1 large cucumber
3 cloves garlic, minced, or a pinch of cayenne pepper
3-4 crumbled sheets of toasted/salted nori (optional)
Toasted sesame oil
Bragg's Liquid Aminos (this is unfermented soy sauce with a fresh, bright flavor and it's lower in sodium than regular soy sauce... I highly recommend it.)

wash, peel and slice the cucumber into thin half or quarter rounds, (or however you like it). Rinse bean sprouts in a strainer, then place in a bowl with the cukes. You can adjust the ratio of sprouts to cucumber to your liking. sprinkle minced garlic or cayenne pepper on top, and crumble the nori on top as well.
Drizzle with a healthy dose of toasted sesame oil and Bragg's liquid aminos.
Toss salad carefully until everything seems shiny/coated in the 'dressing'. (but don't go overboard, a little goes a long way! I recommend starting with what you think is too little, then toss, and if it's still too dry and you need more, add more.)

I just ate this in a bowl instead of breakfast cereal and it was delicious, crunchy and hydrating with a kiss of heat.

Savory Greek Yogurt Salsa
1 large roma tomato, diced
1 large clove garlic, minced
1/4 fresh jalepeno (optional), sliced as wafer-thin as possible
1 "pinch"* of fresh cilantro, rinsed & chopped
1/4 cup lowfat greek yogurt
pinch of salt
pinch of garlic powder

*by "pinch" of cilantro I mean, I usually "pinch" off a twist of cilantro fluff from the bunch in the grocery bag and just wash it immediately under running water before chopping it. The amount I mean is a little less than a handful, but you can vary according to your taste.

Dice and mince your 'vegetable' ingredients, toss in a bowl like you're making salsa, then sprinkle with salt and garlic powder. Top with greek yogurt and stir well. Eat it straight or use as a dip for chips.

This is a good recipe if you're trying to ingest more raw garlic for health reasons, but find it too hot to eat alone, because the yogurt and tomato cool it down. It's also good if you're trying to eat more yogurt for the probiotic benefits but you're sick of sweet yogurt flavors or bored of plain yogurt.


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