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I have an ant problem.
They're just little black ants, but for the past several weeks they've been coming out in my bathroom, mostly out of/from around the area of my bathtub faucet, but there are never enough of them to form a trail so I can see where they're *actually* coming from, and occasionally I will find one or two all the way across the bathroom like crawling around the sink or toilet.
I've been killing them randomly, and using a natural cleaning agent with orange oil (which ants supposedly hate) to spray them sometimes (it does seem to kill them pretty quickly and I've noticed that the other ants will avoid the sprayed area for several hours afterward).
But I just found two ants... in MY BED.
Ants in my bed. True, they were on top of the bedspread and across on the side I don't sleep on, and I have yet to wake up with mysterious bites, but... Damn, this is getting serious.
I hope it doesn't end in a Leninger-vs.-the-Ants style battle to the death.
I guess I should call an exterminator, but I don't wannnt toooo! *whines* Not only are they expensive and likely to rip me off, I hate their chemicals and plus my place is still such a half-unpacked mess that I hate to have anyone over to see it.

I... will probably visit home depot today after the DMV to see what my options are for self treatment...
I kind of wish there were MORE ants, so I could see where they are all coming from and cut them off at the source. I wonder why they're in here. They seemed to vanish when I was out of town (when I came back, I didn't see a single ant anywhere until after I took my first shower, then they came back). Maybe they're looking for water? warmth? (I do keep it pretty warm in here as opposed to the high 30's/low 40's we've been having outside)....maybe they like the way my bath products smell?
I don't know.
I wish I had some diatomaceous earth to sprinkle around the bathtub, but I don't even know where I'd get that around here. I should have probably taken my mom up on her offer when she tried to give me some, but I didn't want to get caught in the airport carring a mysterious bag of white powder and try to explain that. Especially since it can also be an ingredient in dynamite.


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