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I avoid Black Friday like the mass retailer plague it is unless I am dragged kicking and screaming from my nice warm bed by someone close to me with an extremely good reason. And then I only go for "moral support", which includes a mixture of mocking them, grumbling, holding their place in line when they have to go pee, making small talk with other line-waiters, and eventually leaving and coming bag with hot beverages from a convenience store, but then giving them shit about it- sometimes for years.
The moral of the story is: I probably do not make a good Black Friday "date".
I don't really care how good the deals are. The last thing I want to do after the stress and spent energy of the holiday, cleaning, cooking, hosting guests, negotiating family relationship minefields, etc, is to have my first hours of potential rest to be cut short and stolen away by corporate merchants who want in my pocket, especially when I'm still trying to keep my "I appreciate all that I already have" groove goin'. Christ on a Bike, can I not have 24 hours of peace and contentment on my frakkin' holiday, plz?
Just, Argh.
Black Friday and everything it stands for, and says about the American People as rampant consumer whores, just... irks me.

Also, I like how LJ put the following automatic tags on this writing prompt: "writer's block, black Friday, steals and deals, best buy, bb09". (those tags popped into the text fields just by me clicking the button.) Nice.

...Ah. I see now, the little line at the top that says "Sponsored by Best Buy. Find holiday gifts for everyone on your list." with a convenient link to their online site.

O Rly, Best Buy? How much did you pay LJ for this suBtle marketing placement? I definitely won't be shopping there this weekend. Or at all, if I can help it.

I thought about taking the tags down, but then I decided to leave them, so my curmudgeonly voice can be added to their viral marketing mix. I added a few of my own, though.

P.S. - as if you needed another reason to avoid being shoved and elbowed around by the teeming masses of humanity this Friday, just remember H1N1/ Swine Flu, common Flus, and all other unpleasant germs are spread hella quick via mass contact. Your immune system may be suppressed already due to stress from the previous week and the overconsumption, especially of refined sugars, on "Turkey Day", not to mention sleep deprivation if you want to catch the early bird deals. Now you're going to go throw yourself out there to swim through crowds and touch what everyone else has touched and breathe in their sneezes and coughs all day- upping your statistical likelihood of infection.

P.P.S.- to the people that enjoy the thrill of the hunt and totally plan to go out and bag a hot deal on Friday, Go you, get down wit' yo bad self! May you bag and tag every deal you are hunting, with a minimum of trampling and a maximum of savings. Times are hard and I know for a lot of people they see exactly what they want at a price that puts it in their budget range and it gets to that point where they feel it would be silly NOT to go out and take advantage of Deal X. It is just not for me, it ain't my thang. Your mileage may vary. Or so Best Buy hopes. *The views expressed in this journal do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Best Buy or it's employees.

aaaand now that I've been a total killjoy, I will go to sleep, and hopefully wake up in a better mood in the morning. :D


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